Friday, March 4, 2016

Knitting Update

Sometimes I realize I've made a major mess. This was my knitting bag after I finished up a shawl. I had to get everything sorted and set back up for my next project. I have set an arbitrary hard limit on the number of knitting projects I will allow myself to have going at one time. This has forced me to be very careful about the projects I pick (three shawls is a bad idea) and I've finished several small projects along the way.
I finished two bandana cowls, a Tensfield hat and one Dotted Rays shawl.
What's next? first up is another Dotted Rays Shawl, this time using this hand-painted yarn from Knit Picks Stroll.
A hat with the pattern Langfield using Chroma by Knit Picks.
What is the third project? I'm still working on my second Electric Boogaloo Cowl made with the absolutely yummy and awesome wool/silk blend from Freia Handpaints.

How many projects do you have on needles at the moment?

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