Friday, July 22, 2016

Another Love Is Update

It took me all week to go from this...
to this. Finding the time to get these bigger projects done has become such a challenge since changing to this new job. I'm glad I do find the time to work on these meaningful projects and do things that I need to do to stay sane and productive. And do the laundry, and pay the bills, and love my family. And all the other things an adult should do.
Parting shot: Some deer that I happened across during my afternoon walk a couple weeks ago. Because getting up and moving is just as important as being creative.

I will pass the quilted and trimmed quilt to another member of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild to attach the binding. Then they just need labels and they will be ready to go off to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild

I've run out of interesting things to share for the week. See you on Monday when maybe I'll share something fun, or colorful, or exciting.

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