Monday, July 4, 2016

Love Is Update

Remember my first call for heart blocks?
Here is an update on the progress I've made on the Quilts for Pulse project I'm leading in support of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild. I received enough blocks to put together the first quilt top.
I added a narrow (2.5") border to add a little stability to the top for quilting. I loaded up and got quilting.
I didn't do any fancy quilting on this one. I want it to wash up snugly and this seemed the best choice. I may do a different all-over design on another one. Or I may just meander my way through every one of them.
I picked up several more blocks at the sew-in at Bear's Paw Fabrics. Thank you to everyone that brought or mailed blocks.
Enough blocks to get the second top put together. I'm trying to catch up so when I get the rest of the blocks at the next guild meeting I'll be ready to sew up the last two tops.

This is such a great project and I'm so pleased to work together with so many amazing people to make these quilts.

Keep an eye on the Baltimore MQG's blog for updates and more photos. They are wonderful people and do wonderful things. They are just amazing!

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