Monday, July 25, 2016

In the Mail Monday: ZipIt!

I love bag projects with zippers. So much that when I buy zippers it seems I'm buying them by the pound.
Sadly, you can't actually buy them by the pound, but you can buy them by the dozen. Or the 25 pack, or the 50 pack, or even the 100 pack. A for an exceedingly reasonable price, too. I buy my zippers from Zipit Zipper Supply. Great prices and excellent service.
I quickly sorted these into the appropriate bags. I sort by size instead of color. I always know what size zipper I want. I like to be able to easily audition several colors when selecting a zipper.

What do I plan on making with some of these zippers? I am working on the goodies for my swap partner in the "all that and a bag of handmade" swap hosted by The Nosy Pepper and Sey Donna Made. They host some of the best swaps on Instagram. You should totally check them out. I'm going to be deciding which of several zippered projects to make. On my short list: Open Wide Pouch by Noodle-head, the Dumpling Pouch from Michelle's Patterns, and a zippered coin purse, or eyeglasses case like this one from Craftsy. So many great projects out there and only so much time. Now that I have all these zippers I can focus on the projects.

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