Monday, August 1, 2016

In the Mail Monday: Thread and Fabric!

Another thread order came in! I love getting thread. This time I added in some So Fine #50 bobbins for the long arm. I try to match the top and bottom threads whenever possible when quilting. I could go into a long discussion about this, but it is just easier to say that's how I do it and leave it at that.
I ordered some fun prints from They had some fun geeky prints on sale. These will work up into fun knitting project bags or dice bags. I should have bought more of that blood splatter print. It's just so fun.
I got the end of the bolt on the Walking Dead fabric. That's a win in my book! I first learned about this fabric at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival where another knitter reached past me to where a knitting project bag was hanging with a squeal of "That's Michonne! It's mine!" I don't think I had even watched all of the first season at that point. Don't worry, I'm almost properly caught up by watching through season five.
My loot included fabric from another great show. That little blue box is just such a magical thing. The Skittles fabric is what started all this craziness. I wanted some for a swap project for a partner that loves the colorful candies. Those others were just so I could make the free shipping, because I'm a crazy person.  
I also received another wonderful tote from The Green Bag Lady. I think I know just the little boy that will appreciate this.

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