Friday, August 12, 2016

Knitting Update: Dark Wing

I wanted to play with the boomerang shape and this yummy yarn I picked up at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. I started the project at the Baltimore Washington International Airport. I like simple knitting for travel.
A light fingering weight yarn, worked with size five needles. This was an experiment with i-cord edging and bind off. It was also an experiment with using short rows to make the shawl much bigger. There is no pattern for this shawl as I designed as I went along. I have some scribbled notes, but that is far from a proper pattern. Maybe one day I will write it up.
The yarn is from Dancing Leaf Farm. The colorway is Severus Snape. With a name like that I couldn't leave it behind. Dark and somewhat brooding and perfect for a shawl.
After almost 200 grams of yarn I reached the point I was able to block the shawl. The color reads a little more purple when you see the whole thing. Very dark.
This really is an over sized shawl. Much more like a triangle shawl than the boomerang I was shooting for. Not that I think that is a problem. I love this shawl. It would be great worked up in a bunch of leftovers and maybe some more lace panels included. I'll definitely play with this again.
Just so you don't think I've run out of projects, here is some car knitting of my Color Affection Shawl.
And some more car knitting, this time on my Bosc Pear Shawl. Only three projects. That's the limit.

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