Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Long Arm Quilting Panel

I was asked by my guild, the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild, to participate in a long arm quilting panel.
I am not a professional long arm quilter. I would love to be a professional quilter, but with a full-time job it just isn't in my schedule. I do quilt for charity quite a bit and love, love, love doing it. I put together some informational cards and stuffed a bag with quilts for the panel. I sat on the panel with two professional long arm quilters. Their work is amazing. Their knowledge was impressive, too.
I figured I could share a little bit about what I shared during the panel. I took some thread color cards and more than a little thread.
Needles for comparison.
Bobbins for comparison.
A selection of threads.

I will admit, I asked as many questions as I answered. It was a great experience and I hope I didn't ramble too much for people. There is so much to quilting that I know I will never be able to learn it all.

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  1. Was it a harrowing public-speaking experience, or have you gotten comfortable with presentations like that?


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