Monday, November 14, 2016

Adding Charm

Last month I needed an easy project. I pulled down my ever-growing stack of 5" charms and pulled some squares to make fun crib quilt. How does one get a disturbingly tall stack of 5" charms? Just trim your scraps to size and keep doing this without a plan to get rid of the darn things. It does mean I can work up a quilt pretty quickly if I need to.
I didn't have a person to give this quilt to, but I figure it will make a great gift for someone's new addition to the family at some point in the future. I had two yards of green flannel that would be perfect for the back of a cuddle quilt. It might shrink and crinkly but that won't change the warmth it will provide.
A simple basket-weave quilting design worked up quickly.
It also created this amazing texture!
I will have to use this more often now that I see how wonderful it is.
I was going to cut binding, but I was pretty sure I could find five 2.5" strips in my stack of strips. Yes, I cut those from the leftovers, too. Within minutes I had what I needed to make a perfectly wonderful scrappy binding. Overall, a great project. Now I just need to find it a home.

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  1. Great minds...! I've been using my stack of 5" square scraps for D9Ps--I have even pieced the backs. Need to layer them up and get them quilted. I, too, plan to use my leftover bits and pieces of binding.

    Terrific project! :)


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