Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Odds and Ends

After the reveal of the Building Blocks shawl from Stephen West I'm still working on the final sections. Don't let my slowness fool you, I will finish this project! The weaving in will be the death of me, so if I have 10 minutes or so of free time I will sit still and weave in some ends. Because, no matter how much I wish, there is no weaving-in faerie.
What can you do with Electric Quilt besides make blocks or plan layouts? You can print up a worksheet to decide on your quilting plan. I printed the quilt design with block outlines so I could see the blocks without color.
I used my Frixion pen to make some scribbles, trying different things until I found some I liked. I use the Frixion so that if I decide I don't like a single design I can easily erase my marks. You can erase the lines with the end of the pen, or make a pass with a dry iron to remove all the marks in a single pass.
I found that a local craft store had these letters on sale. While the photo is horrible because of the light from the window, the encouragement is awesome! It is so nice to continue to add to my creative space.

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