Friday, November 18, 2016

Travel Knitting: Garter Breeze

Because travel begs for a new project, I grabbed a print out of Garter Breeze off my printer and a collection of Knit Picks in Stroll Sport before leaving.
The 120 stitch cast on slowed me down a little, but not much.
I hope I don't run out of yarn before I reach the bind off for this one as it seems Knit Picks no longer has this yarn available.
The pattern is by Stephen West and is available both on Ravelry (it is called Smooth Move) and in his latest book West Knits Best Knits.
I made good progress during my trip. I also spilled my coffee into my lap and my knitting on the first day there. Washing your knitting the hotel sink while it is still on the needles is an adventure.
I'm still working on it now that my travel is done. This will be an amazing finish. When I finish.

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