Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Snow Day

Tuesday the weather was truly horrible. Rain, snow, sideways snow, rain, snow. Well, you get the idea. I made it to work, but wondered if I'd make it home. The road were slick and dangerous, making for a white-knuckled trip home. What does one do with a snow day? One sews.
I called up a friend, to see if she wanted to share part of the day at home with me. After some lunch and an episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand we looked at a small bag that one of the our friends had left here (full of jewelry-making supplies, but that is another story). Some quick measuring, some long drawn out math and some pattern drafting led us to construct this little bag. Just right to hold some make-up brushes and what-not. Not an exact copy, but a close enough approximation.I picked up this quilt-block-of-the-month kit at the Quilting Hen. I decided that today was a good day to work on a few blocks. The quilt has twelve different blocks, each made with the 1/2-square triangle block. The kit includes Thangles in two different sizes. I've never used them before this quilt, but I rather like the idea. My way of making the 1/2-square triangle blocks was rather clunky. Good if you're only making a few, horrible if you're making more than about 20.I really like the concept of a sampler quilt. I'm not as excited about making all of those blocks separately. I finished a couple of the blocks. It won't take me a month to make each block, but it may take me a month to finish the quilt. Since I didn't pick the fabrics, this is an adventure. Each little bag of fabrics I open up has a new surprise inside. While it may not be as efficient as I like, I'm still having fun with this quilt.

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