Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day and the UN-paper Towel

Yes, today is Earth Day. The day I'm supposed to do something good for Mother Earth. I almost forgot all about it.
After chatting with Triple-A on Facebook, I decided I had to do something. I've been meaning to make a few of these UN-paper towels for use in the kitchen. I finally got around to it.
I measured a paper towel from the rack (11" by 11"). I chopped up some flannel left over from making quilt backing. No one need think I'm wasteful when it comes to fabric. If it is bigger than 2" by 2" I most likely have it--and about a thousand of its friends--in a bin somewhere. I didn't dig too deep for fabric, so I only cut a few.
After a couple tries with the serger, I found an edge finish I liked. When I was done--in record time--I had eleven little towels that will take years to find the landfill. Yay for Mother Earth.

I also did one other thing today. I made sun tea. Nothing but pure, free, non-polluting sunshine as an energy source.

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  1. great idea! i might have to do that when i get a minute on my machine sometime. i didnt do anything practical on earth day, but i did try to plant some seeds and enjoy our garden :)


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