Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Quilting Hen

Warning! This post includes images of fabric, sewing machines, finished quilts and much, much more.

After lunch, we headed down the road to find the Quilting Hen. Like many things in Montana, you must travel down a gravel road to find the Quilting Hen. After about a mile of gravel road, we found a clear trail marker, leading us towards our destination.The wide open plains can seem lonely in the spring, before the planting has been done.
Off in the distance, you can see the haven that holds this off-the-beaten-path fabric shop.
The ladies took a moment to catch their breath before entering the shop. Two small dogs, one large dog and one kitty greeted us upon our arrival.This shop is positively bursting with wonderful fabrics, friendly and helpful ladies and other wonderful things.Inside, we found thousands of bolts of fabric, notions, sewing machines, finished quilts, patterns, kits and enthusiastic staff and costumers.While we were there, the block-of-the-month club had their meeting complete with much oohing and ahhing over finished quilts and quilts in progress. There was also a mini-shopping spree with running about, laughter and cheering.
Each of the ladies said the same thing "we should have come here a year ago." As it is, the trip was bittersweet, a wonderful jewel found on the great plains that we will be able to share for a short time.

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