Monday, April 12, 2010


What does one do with a spiffy new sewing machine? Well, I thought it would be good to try out some new things with a pattern I already knew well. Embellishment was the word of the day.I found some coordinating fabrics and cut out a couple more clutches and one knitting project bag. Then I set to making them so much better.
Look at those nice little stitches, so pretty and neat. I fused some fleece to the back side of the fabric and cut out a little heart. An applique heart is relatively simple and just so cute. This new sewing machine is wonderful. Nearly perfect my first try. Then, I had to play with the ruffler. What a wonderful contraption! I don't think the ruffler has changed in 100 years. It is a scary looking thing that makes wonderful ruffles with just a little practice. I love the simple pink ruffle on this clutch. I can't wait to try the ruffler to make a skirt! I used several different fancy stitches to add great little details. See the little line of hearts that runs down the wrist strap? Wonderful!

I want to play some more with applique. I think this machine will make it much easier and the results so much better.

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