Monday, April 19, 2010

One, Two, Quilt!

I love it when a quilt comes together.
Now that all the blocks are finished, I laid them out. Just a little moving about of blocks until I was happy with the setting. I cut the setting blocks and got to sewing them into the quilt top.
The pale-pink, setting blocks really lighten up the quilt. I trimmed the little points off the edges and cut the border. True to form, I failed to follow the instructions. I cut the border a little narrower than the instructions indicated. The border print is very busy. This worried me a little when I was cutting. I like the overall effect, though.

I've got the backing (more pale pink but in flannel, because flannel backing makes for such a snuggly quilt), batting and quilt top all layered and pinned. I'm still considering my options for quilting the layers together.


  1. Those blocks are amazing! I'm just learning now how to quilt and can finally appreciate the work that is involved. Really lovely!

  2. i love the pattern, beautiful quilt!

    I sent the link to a quilting friend of mine so that she can check out your blog too


  3. Thank you all for your kind comments. I'm still working on getting the thing quilted. Now that the weather has warmed, it's difficult to sit with a quilt in my lap and keep at it.

  4. I love quilts and this one is awesome! Great job!


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