Thursday, May 18, 2017

Baking Tiny Cake

Sometimes you only need a little cake. Okay, few people need cake, but they make some people happy. Therefore, I make them. This is the Duncan Hines Perfect Size. It says it serves 2-4. I try to convince Darling Husband that means he has to eat part of it at four different times. He is a fan of cake.
We have heard that the little ovens in RVs are not very good at maintaining even heating  We also heard that adding a pizza stone to the oven below the rack can help distribute the heat.
We picked up the Nordic Wear Pizza Stone set and slid the stone into the oven.  Since I've never made anything more complicated than cookies in this oven I can't tell you how much of an improvement it may have made when it comes to distributing the heat. I'm going to file this as another Tool Tip!
I can tell you that I ended up with a tasty little cake. When I mentioned he should not eat the entire cake in a single sitting, he said "don't challenge me." In the end, he took his time but he did eat all four of those servings.

Next on our list is a thermometer for the oven so we can see how close it gets to the temperature we set it at. We have one for the tiny fridge, but not one for the oven, or the travel trailer. Meaning you know it is cold when you can see your breath. Thank goodness I brought all those quilts.

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