Monday, May 15, 2017

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2017

One of my favorite parts of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is the working dogs demonstrations.
Sure, there are sheep.
But these dogs are so dedicated to their craft. I will sit on a cold bench for 30 minutes just waiting for the working dogs to show up. Why? Because working dogs of all types are amazing to me.
Two of the dogs this year were there last year. Old ones. This fella is 11.
And young ones. I will say this 3-year-old lady mellowed a bunch in the last year. She is still eager to work but now works so much better with her human partner.
Friday was rainy so Saturday was muddy. I learned about the spectacular mud in a prior year and packed my boots. I wasn't going to get muddy sneakers again.
I did stop over to see this smiling face between the humanity-packed trudge through the vendor barns. I love to see all the wonderful creators and their creations but the crush of people can make me feel like I want to bolt. More than once I passed by a shop just because there were too many people.
This happy bunny face was hanging out over in the rabbit barn. Sure there were plenty to pet, but I just wanted a picture to share. He looks like he doesn't mind missing the attention.
Did I do any shopping? Of course I did! I'll spend the next week going through this pile of loot to share the names (and links) of the amazing creators that made this all possible.

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