Monday, May 1, 2017


First, the critters you can cuddle. I made up these fun stuffies using the great designs from Urban Threads. If you want to give a fun little gift and try out in-the-hoop designs this is a great way to get started. They have an easy to follow tutorial and the designs are very reasonably priced. I want several of each in a rainbow of colors.
I often take a 2-mile walk at the end of my work day. The path is well-paved, somewhat shaded, and I can almost always find a critter or three along the way. My last walk was quite filled with creatures. The day was warm, and I wasn't in a hurry. I saw this button buck, who wasn't that interested in me taking his photo.
Frogs seem rather camera shy. This one was practicing not being seen and refused to jump when I squatted down to take the picture. Three or more friends splashed around, though.
This little turtle was just chilling in the ditch. It did duck its head under water when I got close to take the picture.
A park near my house, has plaques that tell you about the local wildlife that can be found in the park, like painted turtles, salamanders, and now even Pokemon. I really like the Bulbasaur.

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