Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Charity Quilting

When I want to get warmed up to quilt something bigger, I often use one of the many charity quilts from Annapolis Quilts for Kids.
These little quilts are the perfect thing to get into the groove of long arm quilting. To blow out the cobwebs. Like stretching your muscles.
It is also a great way to support the Quilts for Kids and the work they do in the local community.

I know I say this almost every time I share a couple charity quilts, but it is worth saying again. If you want to learn to make quilts, or want to use your quilting skills for a good cause, you should find a local charity like Quilts for Kids. They will provide you with the materials to make a quilt. In return, you get the joy of making something and making a difference in the life of someone in your community. Do great things! Even if those things are small things, they can have a great impact.

2017 Charity Quilt Count: 24

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I love seeing your charity quilts and I'm reminded that even a simple quilt can bring much love to someone!


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